Timber Products

All our timbers are purchased from suppliers operating under FSC* & PEFC** Regulations & chain of custody.  A list of these suppliers is available on request. 

Timber Windows

There are a number of different types of Timber window and an array of materials they can be manufactured from.  The most popular Timber windows are described here:

Casement Window:

A Casement Window is the typical, standard type of flat window you will see in many of today's housing.  Casement Windows derive their name from the fact that the 'Casement' is attached to the frame with hinges.  In the UK Casement Windows were the most common window before the introduction of the Sash Window.  It is common for Casement Windows to incorporate a leaded design.  In times gone by-and still in many other European Countries- Casement Windows are still covered by exterior shutters.

Bay Window:

A Bay Window is a window that projects outside of the wall allowing you to view more of the outside than a regular casement window.  Bay Windows started to appear during the Victorian era of the Nineteenth Century because the tight angles and straight lines fitted in well with the style & design of architecture of that period.

Bow Window:

A Bow window is partly similar to a Bay Window although the name 'Bow' gives away the fact that the window has a curved shape as opposed the the straight angles and lines of a Bay Window.  Bow Windows were first used in the Eighteenth century in the UK. 

Sash Window/Box Sash Window:

A Sash Window is made of one or more movable panels (Sashes) that form a frame to hold the panes of glass, which are often separated from other panes by narrow Timber called Muntins.  Sash Windows are often found in Georgian & Victorian Houses.  An example of a Late Victorian or Edwardian Sash Window is an upper & lower Sash that slide up and down in separate grooves cut into the frame.  These type of windows operate by the weight of the glass being counter balanced by a lead weight concealed in the Box frame (Hence the name Box Sash).  This heavy weight is connected to the window by a cord or chain that moves over a pulley at the top of the frame.  Nowadays though, the heavy weights have given way to spring balance operations with the tension calculated by a Computer simulation.  However, the actual frame and 'Box' itself is identical. 

Mock Sash Window:

As the name implies, Mock Sash Windows are exactly that.  However, while the window retains a similar appearance to traditional Sash Windows the complex opening system has been replaced by the Casement type of opener.  On Mock Sash WIndows, the top panel opens out as in the Casement style.